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Stock Mock Competition

Regulations for Participants



1.   Participants shall be provided Rs.20,000 for buying the stocks listed on NSE.

2.   Participants can buy or sell the stocks multiple times throughout the competition till they have balance in their account.

3.   Participants need to complete the transaction. Short selling without buying a stock would make the candidate ineligible for prizes or awards.

4.   Buying and selling can be executed during the live trading hours on 11th November from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

5.   The use of options, futures, and leverage have not been enabled for the competition.

6.   No Manipulation-Upper and Lower Circuit: The competition prevents a player from buying a stock if the stock has hit the upper circuit. Similarly, it prevents a player from selling a stock hitting the lower circuit. This is to make the simulation realistic and non-manipulative.

7.   Only transactions stored in the B-School Bulls database will be recognized for purposes of evaluating portfolio total equity.

8.   The final rankings will be established based on each portfolio’s absolute return (worth of equities plus cash in the account of a participant) at the end of the competition. The portfolio with the highest absolute return will be deemed as the winner.

9.   Participants who achieve the best absolute returns at the end of the competition will be awarded a 1st place prize of Rs.2,500, a 2nd place prize of Rs.1,500 and for third place Rs.1,000.

10.   Top 10 finalists shall be provided Special Recognition Certificate

11.   In case of a tie when determining the final ranking, the prize money shall be divided among the participants.

12.   Any attempt to tamper or to manipulate the results will automatically result in a disqualification.

13.   Participants that do not adhere to the rules set forth in the Regulations may be disqualified at the discretion of the B-School Bulls.

14.   You must abide by all rules, regulations and restrictions stated by B-School Bulls.

15.   If B-School Bulls disqualifies a participant from the competition, then the participant will not be reinstated and the participant will not be eligible for any prize.

16.   The computations for listing the winners are not subject to review or challenge.            B-School Bulls holds the sole discretion in ascertaining the rankings of the participants.

17.   If required, the rules for the competition can be changed at the B-School Bulls discretion without consent and/or approval from participants. But they shall be notified to all participants. All changes will be binding for the participants.

18.   In order to be eligible for a prize, winners must comply with these eligibility criteria.

19.   Participation certificates must be downloaded within 48 hours of the declaration of results.

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