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What is Career Aptitude Test?

Welcome to the Career Buddy Club's Aptitude Test. Dive into a quick and insightful assessment that will shine a light on your unique personality, cognitive strengths, and professional aptitudes.
This easy-to-complete test will guide you through a series of questions aimed at pinpointing your capabilities and preferences. Discover your hidden talents and understand how you can apply them in your career path.
Receive a detailed report with personalized feedback to set achievable goals and take control of your personal and professional development. Unlock your full potential with CBC's Career Aptitude Test - try it today and experience the difference in your life.

How Does it Work?

Career Aptitude Test

Get your best-fit career recommendations based on various evaluation parameters

Personalized Counselling

With the help of professionals, plan your career, stream/subject combinations, course, college, and more.

Create a Career Roadmap

Compare and select a few colleges from among thousands of options for your primary and backup vocations.

How This all Works

Navigating the Route to Tailored Career Growth and Achievement

  • Discover your strengths with our Career Aptitude Test
  • Get in-depth career reports with personalized development plans.
  • With help from our Career Advisors, Compare and select a few Colleges/Universities from among thousands of options for your primary and backup options.
  • Personalized career counselling and all-around support for all your questions will help you make the best decision.
  • Resume building, schedules for entrance exams, career e-guides, and regular updates.
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Challenges in Today's Career Landscape

  • 93% of students are aware of only 7 career options, despite the existence of 250+ options spanning 26 industries and 5000 job roles.
  • Almost 50% students regret choosing their careers
  • Navigating parental expectations when a child's interests don't align with the chosen career path.
  • Self-doubt and uncertainty about career choices.
  • A significant lack of comprehensive career guidance and support systems within schools.

Our Solutions

Guiding the Path to Personalized Career Development and Success

  • Support students in strategizing and assessing their career options.
  • Recognize and foster their distinct interests.
  • Evaluate strengths and areas for improvement to guide informed choices.
  • Uncover students' personality traits for enhanced career compatibility.
  • Offer invaluable guidance & mentorship to ensure prosperous career paths