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Keep Calm

11th Nov 2022

Career Buddy Fest
"The GuruCool Way"

A 24x7x365 never-ending career-recruitment-entrepreneurship expo where mentors and mentees around the globe interact phygitally to foster the career ecosystem.
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Days of Networking, Training & Recruitment

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Exhibitors & Mentors

Available 24/7

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Jobs & Internships

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Why Mentorship?

school students know of just

7 career options

Students need to become aware of 250+ career opportunities available in order to prepare towards building their career in the lesser known yet higher paid professions.


highest unemplyoment rates among graduates

Consulting with employers & industry professionals is pivotal to start preparing for  dream jobs very early in a college/university students' higher education journey.

1 in 9

startups fail within first 5 years

Colleges/University's Students require support from entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators & investors who foster a knowledge-sharing environment.

The Partnerships Advisory
Blue Triangle Capital
Tango Holding LLC
Plan Your Memories
Our Inspiration

​Bringing the Gurukul system back! A traditional form of Education system in India where Guru (Mentor) and Shishya (Mentee) made an emotional bond before practising the teaching-learning process. The knowledge of learning was not only limited to textbooks but correlated with Nature and Life. The education did not restrict to memorising & word barfing in examinations but focused on Logical Reasoning, Philosophy, Literature, Science and Skills necessary for an occupation. Developing Discipline and understanding the Laws of Nature were essential parts of this Ancient System. 

Career Zone- Road to Self-Discovery
Recruitment Zone- Road to Self-Actualization
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Entrepreneurship Zone- Road to Self-Realize
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Tanvir Shah.jfif

Tanvir Shah
Alumnus Harvard University

  • LinkedIn

Managing Director | Strategy Consulting

Tanvir is Managing Director of The Partnerships Advisory, a team of global banking & finance experts advising on successful strategies across Middle East and Africa. He sits on the Decision Committee of Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, a $545M Government Venture Debt Fund of the UAE Ministry of Finance operated by the Emirates Development Bank.

Saithjeet Arora.jfif

Saithjeet Arora
Alumnus Harvard University

  • LinkedIn

Founder | Edtech

Saithjeet is a marketing professional with 5 years of experience in the Higher Education, having counselled more than 2000 students from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and India in choosing the right career path based on interests and opportunities available. He has worked in the top role of Management, has led various teams in domains such as Board-Advisory, Marketing-Digital, Data Analytics, Event Management, E-learning, etc.

Mayne Ayliffe.jfif

Mayne Ayliffe
CIPD, Equiti Group, Ex-PwC

  • LinkedIn

Global HR Projects Lead | Fintech​

Mayne is CIPD Level 5 and Organizational Behavior qualified professional with multifaceted expertise in HR with over 10 years of multi-industry including ‘Big 4’ and Financial Services/Fintech experience. She is also the Member of CIPD and contributor to People Management ME magazine

100+ Global Mentors & Speakers
Kelly Gleason.jfif

Kelly Gleason
Imperial College London
Alumna King College

  • LinkedIn

Imperial Cancer Research UK Lead Nurse | Healthcare.

Kelly currently works at Clinfield - A young organisation that focuses on career development for research nurses and other research practitioners. She hopes to create a place where everyone working in health and social research will find information and inspiration to develop satisfying careers in the field of clinical research

Rafael Rosales.jfif

Rafael Rosales
US Department of Defence, Alumnus Harvard University

  • LinkedIn

FMS Program Specialist | Supply Chain Management

Rafael is a Harvard University Alumni.He has done Master of Liberal Arts in Management with a Strategic Management concentration. Graduated with the Dean's List Academic Achievement Award. 10+ years of international logistics experience.

Suman Kumar.jfif

Suman Kumar
Lam Research
IIT Madras

  • LinkedIn

Manufacturing Engineer | Mechanics

Suman has been working at Lam Research India Pvt Ltd from the past five years having led teams across different teams. He completed his Masters in Mechanical Enginnering from IIT Madras and possesses hond-on-knowledge in PTC Creo, Solidworks & NASTRAN.


Dharmanshu Johar
AppDynamics (Cisco), Ex-Wipro

  • LinkedIn

Lead Software Developer | Information Technology 

Dharmanshu Johar is an Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in HTML, Linux, Algorithms, J2EE Web Services, and Groovy. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) focused in Computer Science from R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Sakshi Kumeri.jfif

Sakshi Kumeri
Bupa, Abano Healthcare

  • LinkedIn

Practice Manager | Dentistry

Sakshi has experience in the healthcare sector and acquired deep knowledge of insurance and claims, billing, audits, clinical support, sterilisation protocols, health and safety guidelines, scheduling, data compilation, health records management, report analysis, and finance coordination.

Rohith rathod.jfif

Rohith Rathod
Morgan Stanley 

  • LinkedIn

Manager | Data Science 

Rohith Rathod has been working as Manager at Morgan Stanley. Prior to this, Rohit has worked as System Engineer in Infosys. Well versed in n Hadoop, PySpark, Hive, Unix Shell Scripting, Python, SQL, Apache Spark.

Shradha Kumeri.jfif

Shradha Kumeri
Alumna Delhi University

  • LinkedIn

Manager Brand Solutions | Advertising & Marketing 

Shradha has worked in digital marketing and strategy for around 5 years. She's had the opportunity to work for a variety of companies in various industries.This has improved her understanding of the market and target audience. She is a skilled communicator with a pleasant demeanor and strong interpersonal abilities.