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Learn from Mentors from Harvard University- India & Dubai, Govt. of India, Delhi University & SRM University

Manzil -Guiding You to Your Dream Company
Discover Your Path and Excel in the Selection Process!

Imagine joining the ranks of of your dream company, where extraordinary individuals like you, thrive and make a real impact.
Are you ready to seize the opportunity of a lifetime and propel your career to new heights?
Every Sunday
Till 31 july  2023
Introductory Price
Rs. 999/- only

These classes are in included in Premium Membership.

Best Value




Pay ₹4999/- After Placement

Valid until canceled

Search Jobs

Mock Placement Drives

Unlimited Placement Drives

End to End Jobs Search & support

Internship Opportunities -No Payment After Placement

All Exclusive Classes-Resume, GD, PI, LinkedIn, etc.

Eligible for CBC Exclusive Candidate

CBC Exclusive Candidates Get 100% Placed

Manzil -  Guiding You to Your Dream Company

Embarking on the journey to your dream company is an exhilarating pursuit, filled with aspirations and possibilities.  The competition is fierce, and you need a competitive edge to make a lasting impression on recruiters. At Manzil, we are here to be your guiding light, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the selection process of your dream companies successfully.

Crafting compelling applications and acing the selection process can be compared to creating the perfect recipe, infused with passion and precision.

Are you someone who faces one or more of these mentioned challenges during jobs selection process? 
Please check all the boxes where your answer is YES:

This Job Training is for you if you are a...


Recent graduates seeking their first job


Professionals looking to transition to a new career


Job seekers aiming to secure positions at top companies


Individuals who want to enhance their interview skills and stand out in the selection process


Anyone eager to boost their career prospects and land their dream job.


Limited understanding of company culture and values


Inability to effectively demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking abilities during interviews


Knowledge of common interview pitfalls and how to avoid them

If your answer to any of these is yes, then this Job Training is for you! 
Get a high paid job with Avg. 5 LPA CTC with proper training, mentoring and guidance from Experts.

So Seize this golden opportunity to elevate your career prospects and embark on a journey towards realizing your professional aspirations.

Out of 118 applicants, only 20% receive interview invitations. And among interviewees, just 30.89% are selected for job offers.

Why should you get this training now before your degree finishes?

If you are in your first year, you need to apply for internships and if you are in your final year, then you need to start applying for jobs!

92% of employers prioritize strong interview performance when making hiring decisions.

Candidates with structured training are 4x more likely to advance to further rounds

Job seekers who invest in job selection process training secure job offers at a 25% higher rate

How does the Job Training work?

Group Calls

LIVE Interactive Session

The module has a recorded session before live class. In such a blended learning environment, the student understands the basic principles in their own time and practices it with the instructors during the live class. This enables maximum participation and learning during the class.

Q & A during the session

We know coming LIVE daily to learn can be difficult, but you need to make time available from your busy routine as preparing adequately for your dream company is quentasential.

‍Make sure to ask as many questions as possible to get them answered in the Q&A session.


Be completely prepared at the end of the session

After completing the session, you will be equipped with comprehensive preparation, leaving no stone unturned. You will have gained the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to tackle any interview with ease. Be completely prepared to showcase your abilities and make a lasting impression on potential employers

Program Directors


Gold Medalist Trainer



Soft Skills & National Jobs

By the end of the Job Training, you shall be able to

Effective resume writing techniques to create a standout document that captures the attention of employers.

Strategies to showcase your skills, experiences, and achievements in a compelling manner during interviews.

Techniques for confidently handling behavioral and situational questions during job interviews.

Skills to improve your overall communication and interpersonal abilities, helping you make a positive impression on interviewers.

Insights into the selection process, including how to research companies, understand job requirements, and tailor your approach accordingly.

How it works?


Sign up & Login on our website by clicking on Apply Now


Go to Program Overview & Start Completing Steps


Meet & network with fellow Buddies on Sundays


Complete a payment of ₹ 999/- using Online Payment or Manual Payment through Bank/QR

Join Live Class

Interactive sessions are the only way you can learn all the skills, don't just watch, participate!


Celebrate your achievements with the community.

Job Training Details

If this is something that excites you and it’s something you’ve been looking for – we’d love to explore. Apply now

What you get:

Ready to join?

The next Batch of this Job Training is set to launch soon!
As a student, you have faced enough pressure & difficulty because of lack of knowledge, Life isn't supposed to be that difficult. Get trained & mentored and find your path. Get a job, live life, king size!

Can’t make it this time? Join our next Session in August. Subscribe on Youtube to check the latest updates

Access to World Class mentors who have made 1000s of students successful.

Access to multiple linkedIn formats and templates for applying for different jobs.

Stand as equals with graduates of best colleges.

Lifetime member of CBC and access to our networking events, career fairs, job expos, etc.

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

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