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LinkedIn Masterclass
Unleash the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile!
Open Doors to Limitless Opportunities!

Building an extraordinary LinkedIn profile is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities and boundless career growth.
Learn from Mentors from Harvard University- India & Dubai, Govt. of India, Delhi University & SRM University
Masterclass Date
1st June 2023
Introductory Price
Rs. 99/- only


Nirmaan - LinkedIn Profile Building Master Class

In today's competitive professional landscape, your LinkedIn profile serves as your digital brand ambassador, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers and industry influencers. It's your golden ticket to networking, job opportunities, and professional recognition. With a compelling LinkedIn profile, you become a magnet for success, attracting the right connections and opening doors to a world of exciting possibilities.

Do you also feel these things about your LinkedIn? 
Please check all the boxes where your answer is YES:

This Masterclass is for you if you are a...


Professional looking to enhance their LinkedIn presence and leverage it for career growth.


Job seeker who want to stand out from the competition and secure their dream roles.


Individual transitioning to a new industry or seeking international work opportunities.


Entrepreneur and freelancer wanting to establish a strong professional brand.


Professional seeking to expand their network and tap into new business partnerships.


Student whose colleges aren't providing adequate career support


Student without a LinkedIn Profile


Student looking to build some connections

If your answer to any of these is yes, then this master class is for you! 
Get a high paid job with Avg. 5 LPA CTC with proper training, mentoring and guidance from Experts.

Did you know that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet job candidates?

Stand out from the crowd with a powerful resume that lands you dream job interviews. Master the Art of Linkedin Building and transform it into a Job Magnet!

Why should you get this training now before your degree finishes?

If you are in your first year, you need to apply for internships and if you are in your final year, then you need to start applying for jobs!

Each week over 61 million people are actively looking through LinkedIn for their next position.

About 134.5 million users actively use LinkedIn each day. Additionally, over 48% are active monthly.

Every Minute 8 People Are Hired on LinkedIn

Masterclass Overview

Linkedin Masterclass is a comprehensive live class mentoring to help you build a powerful and effective Linkedin profile. You'll learn the fundamentals of building an effective profile, as well as advanced strategies to maximize your presence on the platform. With the guidance of our expert mentors, you'll emerge from the class with a professional Linkedin profile that will help you stand out from the crowd. Leading this class will be our esteemed Mentor, Mr. Ganesh Khanna, who possesses extensive expertise in this domain. The live session on will encompass the following key aspects:

Topic of resume writing
Contact detail and writing
Career Objective and Summary
Educational Qualification
Languages known/ Q&A
Practice session

How does the Masterclass work?

Group Calls

LIVE Interactive Session

The module has a recorded session before live class. In such a blended learning environment, the student understands the basic principles in their own time and practices it with the instructors during the live class. This enables maximum participation and learning during the class.

Q & A during the session

We know coming LIVE daily to learn can be difficult, but you need to make time available from your busy routine as building LinkedIn profile is essential for life.
‍Make sure to ask as many questions as possible to get them answered in the Q&A session.


Tailored your profile at the end of the session

Student get into this masterclass without a profileand walk out with a LinkedIn tailored profile to your skills, experience and educational qualifications. Once in your life, you need to get professional guidance for building your LinkedIn profile

Program Directors


Gold Medalist Trainer



Soft Skills & National Jobs

By the end of the Masterclass, you shall be able to

Craft a powerful LinkedIn profile that grabs the attention of employers and recruiters.

Effectively showcase your skills, achievements, and expertise to attract relevant connections.

Optimize your profile's formatting and design to create a visually appealing and professional impression.

Tailor your profile to different industries and target audiences.

Avoid common LinkedIn profile mistakes and maximizing your visibility on the platform.

How it works?


Sign up & Login on our website by clicking on Apply Now


Go to Program Overview & Start Completing Steps


Meet & network with fellow Buddies on Sundays


Complete a payment of ₹ 99/- using Online Payment or Manual Payment through Bank/QR

Join Live Class

Interactive sessions are the only way you can learn all the skills, don't just watch, participate!


Celebrate your achievements with the community.

Masterclass Details

If this is something that excites you and it’s something you’ve been looking for – we’d love to explore. Apply now

What you get:

Ready to join?

The next Batch of this Masterclass is set to launch soon!
As a student, you have faced enough pressure & difficulty because of lack of knowledge, Life isn't supposed to be that difficult. Get trained & mentored and find your path. Get a job, live life, king size!

Can’t make it this time? Join our next Session in August. Subscribe on Youtube to check the latest updates

Access to World Class mentors who have made 1000s of students successful.

Access to multiple linkedIn formats and templates for applying for different jobs.

Stand as equals with graduates of best colleges.

Lifetime member of CBC and access to our networking events, career fairs, job expos, etc.

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

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